The new interactive way of business communications and commercial transactions for every business, professional and consumer.


The interactive electronic platform for offer requests, price negotiations and auctions “Energy in Business” is the result of a modern and innovative concept, about building a new form of communication and trading, born of the staff of the Robusta Ratio company and addressed from businessmen to businessmen, focusing on its B2B nature and on the implementation of any project in the private field.

The long-standing and specialized professional route of engineers, consultant engineers and programmers of the Robusta Ratio company, and the smooth collaboration with enterprises of different subject activities, had as a result not only the complete understanding of the customer needs and business community that shape the “market”, but also the verification of a «systemic discontinuance” which “Energy in Business” now covers.

Having this systemic discontinuance as a fact, being expressed on the one hand through a great mass of offered products and services which however are presented with passive traditional ways without aiming to the modern, true needs of the consumers, and on the other hand through a large number of requests and offers of infinite dispersion and movement that chronically slows the pace of searching, andburdens economically the interested party, “Energy in Business” is here, to give a substantial solution!

Energy in business, with the help of the company’s specialized personnel and the long-standing presence and activity of its members in the market, contributes firstlyon enterprises, so that they can come closer to their customers through modern, interactive ways of trades and transactions, and secondly on customers, so that they can choose their associates with criteria that match the correlation“best quality-best price”.

Serving a great width of companies and businessmen, “Energy in Business” was designed to satisfy the needs of ANY commercial, technical, construction company, any industry, any freelancer or business workshop of any branch, any business consultant.

“Energy in business” is not just a simple engine for offer requests, negotiations and auctions, but actually establishes a new way of interactive communication between companies, businessmen and consumers through which it ensures development conditions for the market and fair opportunities for commercial transactions, withoutcharging the final price of materials, products and services.

Commercial enterprises and businessmen as “members” and consumers as “interested parties” communicate interactively online, after a respective request, fast and easy, without extra movements, without middlemen, without hidden costs, carrying out reliable and accurate transactions, with prices that serve their own needs and match their own criteria.

Join our group, let’s shape together the new market without boundaries and distortions, with value added services, with credibility and responsibility.

Because together, we can make the difference!

Welcome to the new way of business communication and commercial transactions, for every company and every businessman, “Energy in Business”.