Skeleton Key


The interactive platform for commercial transactions “Energy in Business”, always aiming to the improvement and reinforcement of the commercial transactions between professionals and companies and with principal the development of cooperation and teamwork, gives the opportunity to every user of the platform to evaluate the member, the professional with whom he cooperated with, contributing this way, as an “Interested party” too, to the supply of even more reliable and qualitative services.

This way every user, after completing his transaction, has the possibility of evaluating the member he cooperated with, starting from the lowest level “Marginally acceptable” up to the highest level “very good”, with criterions:

  • The quality of his work
  • The ease of communication
  • The speed of his services
  • The compliance or not to some quality managing system
  • The compliance or not to some recording, evaluation or troubleshooting system
  • The customer’s satisfaction

Every user, by evaluating wise and well-intentioned his collaborator, takes active part to the improvement of the provided services, but also to the reassurance and reinforcement of a healthy climate of cooperation, teamwork and solidarity.

Because all together, we can accomplish a lot!

Evaluation form