The interactive platform for commercial transactions “Energy in Business”, from the day it was born as an idea, until its smooth operation today, promotes and defends the principles of teamwork, solidarity, collegiality, strengthening social cooperation, strengthening in other words, the cooperation between companies, professionals and consumers.

The purpose of this cooperation is the bridging of possible gaps, deficiencies and discontinuities and the facilitation and continuance of the smooth function of the market, with benefits for all the contributing parts.

“Energy in Business”, thinks and works with the belief that… all together we can accomplish a lot!

And we can indeed, through our cooperation, accomplish a lot, since companies, as well as any professional, can:

  • Actively propound their qualifications and advantages
  • Negotiate realistic in real time
  • Be evaluated by their own customers for their performance
  • Utilize the information in order to get better
  • Raise the trust levels between traders
  • Simplify the approaching procedures of applied technical solutions
  • Utilize technology in their favor
  • Contribute decidedly in forming the future transactions and the “new market” with equal chances of development and a healthy competition

Energy in Business… We act, we materialize, we evolve… together!