“Energy in Business”, being a reliable supporter of the members of the platform and always responding to the constantly increasing needs of the modern company and the modern professional, gives the opportunity to its members to choose the “request for renegotiation”, placing the already existing request into a new level of negotiation, succeeding better prices, higher evaluation of the professional and even higher quality to the provided service!

With this option you can choose three (3) of the members that have gathered the most “satisfying” criteria based on your needs, as you have predefined them, in order to perform a new circle of request, that gives the opportunity of placing a new financial offer to those who want to participate.

After announcing your new request for a better financial offer than the previous one and after setting a new deadline, you just wait for the new offers,with more competitive criteria and even higher quality results.

Once you have reached the final agreement and completed your transaction, you have the possibility of not only informing us of the finalization of the deal, but also evaluating the professional who you worked with, contributing this way to the provision of even more reliable quality services!

The above process is free of charge for you (the interested party), as you have relatively been characterized entering the platform.

The entire procedure of “Request for Renegotiation” falls under the general Provisions on negotiation of the Greek Civil Code.