Paradeigma Epanadiapragmateusis


The need:

From the offers that the food industry received as an “interested party” it decides to move to the next service, that of “Request for renegotiation”, in order to achieve a better price.

The solution:

Step no1: It activates the service by choosing three (3) offers that are more suitable for its project and sends a notification to the corresponding three members, asking this way the three members to place anew their offers, only financially.

The “Request for renegotiation” process is free for the “Interested party”

Step no2: The three members receive the notification and they replace their financial offer if they wish to.

Step no3: The interested party gets the new offers, evaluates them and concludes to one of them.

The result:

The “Members” have a second chance of replacing their offer, having each one of them equal chances of being chosen for the project.

The “Interested party” has the opportunity of achieving a better price, by choosing out of the three, the member that mostly fits its financial possibilities or the member with the most advantageous solution, being able to decide easily, fast and reliably.